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Tuxedo Alterations Services in Lichfield & Rugeley, UK

Tuxedo Alterations

First, of all, I guarantee that your Tuxedo will fit you exactly as it should. In my experience, a well-fitting Tuxedo probably is going to look far better than a fitting one made with high-quality material.

Tuxedo to fit you

I have the expertise to alter your Tuxedo to perfection. In addition to altering your Tuxedo to fit you consequently, I can also fulfill any bespoke requests you might have. Having a Tuxedo that hangs off you rather than compliments you let me alter your Tuxedo to achieve the desired fit and more. Foremost I pay close attention to ensure that the end, as a result, is a Tuxedo that has been tailor-made for you.

Perfectly Fitting

I ensure that every detail from the original Tuxedo is retained from the stitch patterns used to the colour of the thread. The result is a perfectly fitting Tuxedo without any hint that the Tuxedo has been altered. This meticulous attention to detail is what makes me unique.


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