Making Garment Samples-You may think that having a Tech Packs and Patterns are all you need for a collection to be  produced, but, whilst this  is most of what you need, do not underestimate how important garment samples truly are.

Garment Samples have many stages:

1. Proto Sample: These samples are the  prototypes of a new  design created by designers. They are  the first sample in  the product development stage. Proto sample is made to communicate the design of a style or a line or to present garment structure. In proto samples fit and fabric detailing are not considered.

2. FIT Sample: Once the proto sample is approved, FIT sample is being made with the actual measurements. Modification of the pattern is done to get the desired fit of the garment. The fit is one of the most important factors to be considered during sample development. The fit sample is  tested on a  live model or dress form  to verify garment fit and fall.


I can create a pre-production sample. This can be made after the final comments are completed or it can be produced and supplied with additional comments.The purpose of this sample is to provide the factory with an accurate guide for production
and also to scrutinise the structural integrity of the material and construction practises.We would recommend making pre-production samples in a few sizes from across your sizing range for a more definitive analysis. When manufacturing abroad a pre-production sample
is particularly important.