Evening Dress Alterations Services in Lichfield & Rugeley, UK

Evening Dress Alterations

Evening Dress Alterations -With over 30 years of experience in Fashion, I have the expertise to alter your dress to perfection. You can trust me with any type of alteration from a simple hem shortening to major modifications on any type of fabric with detail or embellishment. Whether you have purchased a luxury beaded gown, a sequined evening dress for a special event or a simple work dress which needs altering, I will work on it to ensure it fits you precisely. As is the case with most occasion wear evening gowns often need alteration to ensure a perfect fit.

Usually, evening dress alterations gowns are required numerous occasions and it is important to have a gown which fits properly, with the right fit for you. 

The Occasion Being

Altering an evening dress can modify it to suit the occasion being attended and also restyle it if necessary. Having a properly altered gown will mean that your dress looks at. It is best when worn and that it fits correctly. Evening dress alterations do neatly and without causing damage to the dress.  It is made to the length sizing of the gown without leaving any notice. In this way, you can customize your dress alterations to suit your own personal taste and style.

The most common alterations made to evening gowns include:

Shortening the gown -taking the hem of the dress up to the desired length and provide a proper fit.
Letting the dress out to better suit your figure Beadwork and adding detail/embellishments. The alterations can bring older gowns up to date, meaning you get more wear from a favorite gown. You have the dress styled to suit your precise needs. Adding beading or detailing also creates a personal touch which reflects your own style. Making the gown uniquely yours.

For a professional and personal service, offering high-quality evening dress alterations. All this at affordable prices.

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