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Curtain Alterations Service in Lichfield & Rugeley, UK


Giving the utmost attention to the curtains in your home I pay dividends when you see the final results. Curtain alterations from Marina Marina ensure you receive only the highest quality of work on your materials.

We discuss your express desires and carry them out to leave you with results you’re proud to hang in your home. With a history of over 30 acquired knowledge and experience, you need to look no further for all your curtain alteration needs.

Book your curtains for alteration today or contact and tell exactly what you have planned, we’re always happy to offer advice on the most appropriate course of action.

  • Roman Blinds

 Curtains & Roman Blind-If ever there was a classic window covering that is both sophistication and grand luxury, drapery. For centuries fabric has used to adorn the bedrooms and dining rooms of society and provincials like. Esthers Curtains provides all the beauty and all the modesty that each style possesses to bring. You curtain full of art.

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