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Using traditional couture standards. I will create a unique 60s CLOTHING pattern and then a toile ( trial version) of your design. This then gives me the Client to check the details of the style. And ensure the fit is perfect in every way and flatterings the body. The final garment is then constructed from the incredible range of beautiful fabrics, laces. And trims that have been carefully selected from the finest fabric houses in the world. An entire color of colors is available to ensure that your perfect screen can be chosen.

  • Bespoke Design, a unique 60s CLOTHING

Having a bespoke design created especially for you to ensure that the finished look is absolutely unique 60s CLOTHING. This removes any possibility of every woman’s dream of another guest appearing in the same gear at the same event. Your personal style will be beautifully realized and is guaranteed to be a genuine one-off.

I will be delighted to take your dreams and inspirations and create for you something absolutely unique. And a made to measure special occasion dress is the ultimate luxury. Book a Consultation and let us bring your dream dress to life.

An Introduction to 60’s CLOTHING Fashion

Finally market complete social change, in the 1960s, is a decade that still holds a special significance. Hence seeing traditional authorities begin to dissolve and make way for the birth of the modern age.

The way people dressed

It was an obvious sign of changing attitudes. In the 1960’s many chose, very publicly. To start looking different from the norm. Probably Innovative designers and more informal modes of shopping drew a dividing line between the generations. Creating a new market for youth 60s CLOTHING. 


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